Business Continuity Management


Business continuity management describes the risks and their consequences on business operations that could lead to a massive restriction or failure of IT services beyond the normal incidents. The cause and frequency play a subordinate role. More important are the impacts on critical business processes and the necessary measures to cope with them on the timeline.

The type of events can be divided into different types:

  • Building infrastructure
  • IT Staff
  • Workstation / Client
  • Server
  • IT-Services
  • Communication (LAN, WAN)

The aim of business continuity management is to safeguard the continuation of business operations under crisis conditions or at least under unforeseeably difficult conditions, or to enable an alternative course of action and thus ensure the continued existence of the company.


The primary thing to note is,

  • which processes must be maintained at all costs and
  • which measures are necessary for this.

The analysis is performed in several steps. After resources and locations have been recorded, possible risks and scenarios and their effects are identified. If the effects cannot be bridged with existing measures and precautions or restored within the required time, vulnerabilities or gaps arise that – taking criticality into account – require additional measures.


The first thing that can be derived from the analysis is the impact and the risks of all sites. The resulting derivation of failure scenarios can be placed against the existing continuity measures. The resulting weaknesses / gaps indicate the need for action.


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