Cost Cutting

guideit's solution: selective cost cutting

  • Shorter innovation cycles
  • Dynamically changing business requirements
  • Latest private IT equipment
  • Corona pandemic


  • Strongly increasing complexity
  • Very sharply rising costs
  • Increasing safety requirements
  • Home office extensions


  • Reduce and manage complexity
  • Reduce IT costs and increase productivity
  • Realize innovative collaboration opportunities
  • Digitalisation of business processes

pressure to act

detailed procedure
for cost reduction

Based on a proven process model for the implementation of IT cost cutting initiatives, guideIT supports its customers in continuously reducing costs.

phase 1

Here, cost shares are worked out and existing cost structures are analyzed to identify cost drivers.

phase 2

In the identification phase, specific potential fields within the IT Efficiency Cluster are evaluated.

phase 3

In the planning phase, suitable operational measures and target architectures are selected for the consistent and sustainable realization of savings potential.

phase 4

In the implementation phase, the planning of an effective and efficient implementation of the developed portfolio of measures is accelerated.


The aim is to make costs transparent in order to subsequently ensure a sensible and sustainable cost structure within IT.

In this way, investment backlogs, operational and project bottlenecks are avoided. The external view of costs simultaneously enables a comparison with the market and thus an analysis of the competitiveness of one’s own IT in terms of costs.

Target situation

IT costs too high?

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