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A Project Management Office relieves the burden on their project managers, the project owners and steering committee participants. Planning, communication and quality assurance activities can be taken over and monitored by the PMO, thus ensuring optimal process governance. Particularly in the case of many projects or increasing size of individual projects, a PMO is urgently recommended both economically and qualitatively.

  • Ensuring project management standards and governance compliance in all projects
  • Creating transparency for all project participants
  • Improvement of communication in projects
  • Selection and training of suitable tools
  • Quality assurance through Project Health Checks

pmo as a service

cost cutting

There are many reasons why companies need to cut costs. Dynamically changing business requirements, such as digital transformation and short innovation cycles, increase complexity in companies. In addition, unpredictable developments, such as the Corona pandemic, are accelerating these trends even further, changing the way companies need to work and manage their costs.



The guideIT project management process is an approach specifically developed for IT projects based on our expertise and includes all important elements of successful IT projects. Based on certified methods and our wealth of experience, we have developed a generic and clear process model that has proven itself with a large number of customers.


Despite regular reporting of the project, it also happens that components of the applicable procedure were not (sufficiently) taken into account. A major problem for the project manager is often that the large flood of information means that the project manager can no longer distinguish between important and unimportant information, and ultimately the health of the project suffers as a result.

Project managers typically face all disciplines of project management and associated challenges, such as:

  • Unexpectedly big problems, although there was an elaborated project plan.
  • The project team’s subjective perception of the project status is often very good.
  • Past projects did not deliver the client’s desired result.

Helth check

Business continuity management

Business continuity management describes the risks and their consequences for business activities that could lead to a massive restriction or failure of IT services beyond the normal incidents. The cause and frequency play a subordinate role. More important are the effects on critical business processes and the necessary measures for coping with them on the time axis. 


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