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Our portfolio comprises two main areas: IT consulting and services for project success in the form of holistic project management.

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We support you methodically by assisting you in improving your procedures and processes, as well as in a service-oriented manner by carrying out the procedures with you and for you.


We continue to educate ourselves and keep our finger on the pulse of time. Using recognized methods, we also accompany your projects


IT infrastructure is an important part of every company. Without the technical foundation of the IT, many business processes will not work. We we would be pleased support you in choosing the right strategy for your company:

  • Evaluation of suitable IT infrastructure systems (storage, servers, network components)
  • Analysis of the existing environment to identify and realize optimization potentials
  • Development and selection of suitable operating modes
  • Support for cloud migration e.g. through a Cloud Readiness Check
  • Documentation of the environment
  • Support during the project transfer into operation

Transparency is one of the most important issues within a company. This is also the case in IT, especially in the area of costs and budgets. The structuring, analysis and evaluation of expenditures, assignments and planned budgets are the cornerstones of financial transparency in IT. We help you with:

  • the definition of a suitable cost structure (costtower,- cluster and elements)
  • the analysis of all costs incurred and their allocation within the cost structure
  • the comparison with the market prices
  • the development and identification of potentials
  • the implementation of measures to exploit the potential



Processes play a particularly important role in IT. To ensure that all processes function optimally and each participant knows which process step has to be carried out at which time, a understandable, logical and complete process management is necessary. We offer the following services in this environment:

  • Maturity analysis (e.g. CMMI, review, setup/development and optimization of IT processes based on recognized standards (e.g. ITIL, COBIT) to derive measures / improvement potentials
  • Definition of responsibilities and roles
  • Training of process participants and support in tool selection and implementation
  • Method and tool consulting in the area of Business Process Management (BPM)

The use of cloud technologies poses a challenge for many companies. To enable successful implementation, the processes, organization, infrastructure and people must be prepared for the use of cloud services. We offer you support for:

  • the development of a cloud strategy
  • the analysis of processes, organizations and IT infrastructure components with regard to your cloud readiness
  • the analysis and evaluation of applications on your cloud capability
  • the design of cloud architectures for possible cloud transitions
  • the support of a cloud transition and transformation


business analysis

The goal of our projects is to deliver what the customer needs and to improve structures, principles and processes. Together with the customer, we compare the requirements with the possibilities of IT and help you to develop a tailor-made solution. This is where our business analysts come in to:

  • Survey of the requirements and expectations of all stakeholders
  • Ensure communication between the specialist departments
  • Describe of the objectives and compare with the requirements
  • Develop measures to achieve the objectives

Project management is one of the most important factors for successful projects. We focus on compliance with the process steps within the project management process and thus ensure a high level of process governance. Our portfolio focuses in particular on:

  • Project assessments
  • Operational project management in project initialization
  • Management of large projects and complex projects
  • Provision of a PM service
  • Operational requirements engineering in iterative cycles, requirements elicitation, analysis and management
  • Visualisation of workshops

project management

project management-office

Nowadays, more and more initiatives need to be managed are handled as projects. Therefore, an efficient and successful project execution is of elementary importance for corporate development. A project management office is a permanent organizational unit that is centrally responsible for the coordinated management of all projects in the company or a division. A central PMO has many stakeholders and is usually appropriate when:

  • Companies have many projects
  • Resources from different areas must be coordinated
  • Decisions have to be made on the basis of well-founded data
  • A uniform reporting system is required
  • Project costs become more important
  • The priorities and strategic contributions of projects must be identified

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