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health check

Project managers typically face all disciplines of project management and associated challenges, such as:

  • Unexpectedly big problems, although there was an elaborated project plan.
  • The project team’s subjective perception of the project status is often very good.
  • Past projects did not deliver the client’s desired result.

Despite regular reporting of the project, it also happens that components of the applicable procedure were not (sufficiently) taken into account. A major problem for the project manager is often that the large flood of information means that the project manager can no longer distinguish between important and unimportant information, and ultimately the health of the project suffers as a result.


It is important to determine whether all steps of the project procedure have been followed and in which areas, if any, improvement is necessary to make the project a success. A regular Project Health Check is recommended in order to identify and proactively eliminate any weaknesses at an early stage. This structured approach examines all necessary areas of the underlying methodology and identifies potential.

  • A Project Health Check is typically performed once per project phase and is part of the company’s project governance.
  • The Project Health Check consists of a questionnaire that can contain between 10-150 questions, depending on the requirements. The result is measurable and comparable with other projects and contributes to the improvement of project management in companies.
  • Obtaining a health certificate for a healthy project.
  • Prevention of possible project sickness (poor communication, incomplete scope, etc.)
  • Recognition of subtle symptoms that can lead to significant problems if overlooked.
  • An assurance that proven processes will be used to increase the chance of project success.
  • A general improvement in the quality of project life.
  • Provisions for actions to address uncovered or potential problems.

Project Health Check

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