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project management | Project management office | pm process consulting


project management | project management office | pm process consulting

In the area of project services, we bundle all offers that deal with the administrative management or governance of a project. We are happy to take on projects of all sizes for you, whether classic, agile or hybrid – our project managers know what they are doing and are certified accordingly. 

We are also supportive and provide the PMO for you. This way, you can scale as you wish, depending on how many projects are currently being carried out at your company, and at the same time benefit from our project management expertise.

Finally, we are of course happy to advise you and help you establish or further develop your company’s internal project management process, create the necessary documents or train your employees.

Project management

You can expect maximum flexibility from us, true to our corporate values. If available, we will fully comply with your project management process or your individual requirements. In addition to the administrative work in IT projects, it is a matter of course for us to bring in our IT expertise as well.

  • Project assessments
  • Operational project management of your projects
  • Management of projects of any size and complexity
  • Management of classic, hybrid and agile projects
  • Provision of a PM service
  • Support of requirements gathering and stakeholder management
  • Preparation, follow-up and execution of workshops

The number of demands placed on you is constantly growing. Your employees are needed in various projects at the same time. In addition, projects are interdependent, build on each other or are sometimes mutually exclusive. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain an overview and make the right choices. It is also important to effectively align all change initiatives and business activities with your strategic goals.

This is where project portfolio management can help you. A portfolio is a collection of projects, programs and operational activities that are managed together and aligned with each other and with the specific internal and external circumstances of your business.

programm and portfolio management

Process consulting

Even if a project is a one-time activity, you should follow a fixed process in doing so. The success parameters of each project are directly dependent on the quality of your process and how it is lived. Therefore, in addition to the basic structure through individual process steps, it is important to prepare the employees professionally and mentally for its use and also to select a suitable tool as support.

  • Development, consulting and implementation of a project management process
  • Definition of roles, responsibilities and deliverables
  • Change management and training
  • Tool consulting

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