Success Story -
Cross Acceptance of BP and Total Fuel Cards

Project objective

As part of a strategic cooperation between BP Europa SE and Total S.A., the aim was to enable petrol station customers to fill up with their fleet card in the network of both companies. The project included the technical implementation within BP Europa SE. The cooperation enables customers of both companies to refuel at ~4000 stations throughout Europe. It should be possible to use the TOTAL fuel cards can be used at Aral petrol stations in Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland and Switzerland.


"With its methodical approach and transparent communication, guideIT has managed to meet the demands of various stakeholders and to establish the compatibility of all it systems" (Carsten Welle, European 3rd Party Manager, BP Europa SE)

After the technical specification at the beginning of the project, it was quickly apparent that implementation in particular would be a challenge for the first country. Numerous developments in the IT systems at both project partners had to be implemented, tested, agjusted and applied to the quality criteria. A key factor for the successful implementation of the project was to ensure close cooperation and transparent communication. This made it possible to adhere to the underlying planning and counteract deviations accordingly.

With the achievement of the milestone “Go-Live in Germany”, the foundation stone for a successful Europe-wide rollout was laid. The sequential implementation in the other countries also took place as planned during the rest of the year.

With the successful implementation of the project, the filling station networks were significantly enlarged for the customers. Carsten Welle stated, “The results of the project show that the implementation was a complete success”.

The complete achievement of the set project goals created great added value for the participating companies and millions of customers.


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