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The guideIT project management process is an approach based on our expertise and specially developed for IT projects. It includes all important elements of successful IT projects. Based on certified methods and our wealth of experience, we have developed a generic and clear process model that has proven itself with a large number of customers.

Above all, we create transparency and contribute significantly to the success of your project by constantly ensuring communication throughout all stages and between all relevant stakeholders. We efficiently guide you through the various project phases by focusing on adhering to the steps within the process, thus ensuring appropriate governance.

ProjeCt mangement

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In the initiation stage, the project manager prepares the project on the basis of the project initiation document to such an extent that detailed planning can take place. The project is then visible to all project members.

With our expertise we ensure a high-quality starting position in this stage. 



In order to enable first personal contact between all project members a project kick off is suitable at the beginning of this stage. Expectations regarding scope, quality, time, costs, benefits, etc. may be specified. Planning is a continuous process, which is adapted to changes throughout the project.

Careful planning is particularly important to us, as the quality of planning is reflected throughout the course of the project.


In the implementation stage, the project team members realize the predefined work packages. The project manager’s task here is to ensure a smooth implementation and to assure the execution of the project in accordance with the defined objectives. During this stage, he acts as link and mediator between all participants of the project at all times. He controls all project parameters during implementation.

In this stage we ensure effective control of the processes with maximum transparency.



After successful completion of the implementation phase, the project is to be closed. The project manager has the task of closing the project properly. The project organization has fulfilled its purpose and is disbanded. The project product is transferred to regular operation..

We ensure a holistic project follow-up with a project conclusion in form and content, which creates a solid base for further projects.


The generated documents which result from the activities throughout the process are being created, maintained and updated by the project manager. Occasionally he has to get the deliverables approved.

We actively ensure that the process is adhered to and provide a high level of traceability through holistic documentation.


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