Part of the on-boarding at guideIT and also a personal goal is to obtain the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certifications. In advance, we compared different training options: Self-study (an option for Foundation only), video training, online seminar, or classroom training. Initially, I decided to take the online seminar as preparation for the Foundation exam to test it and see if it would also be an option for me for the Practitioner preparation. This kind of preparation was very effective for me. As a remote participant, I was able to attend a live training session in Hamburg from home, via video. A few participants and a trainer sat on site, while the majority of the participants were tuned in. We were also able to ask questions and actively participate remotely. Thanks to this good and targeted preparation, the effort required for self-study afterwards was kept within limits.
After passing the Foundation exam, I decided to start preparing for the Practitioner exam right away and signed up for the online seminar again.
While the PRINCE2 Foundation exam focuses on knowledge queries, the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is about applying the acquired knowledge by means of a case study. The questions in PRINCE2 Practitioner are more complex, challenging and focused on a given case.

I have illustrated the process from the seminar to certification here using figures:

The next step is the ITIL Foundation certification by the end of the year. Let’s see what experiences and challenges (and maybe moments of despair?) this will bring.

The PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certifications enabled me to deepen and consolidate the knowledge I had previously gained through internal training. I now know the methodology and know how to use the PRINCE2 “toolbox”. In the projects that I now accompany and manage, I am aware of the most important parameters, I understand the structures and know how to deal with problems in the project. Even in projects that are not PRINCE2 projects, this knowledge helps me to orient myself in the project and gives me more security. Especially as a junior project manager, these certifications are a good start.